The course, FUNDAMENTALS OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, was run for 2 batches of PPMC personnel from July 20-24 and July 27-31, 2009 respectively. It comprised of 3 days of intensive classroom work followed by 2 days of field work, which gave participants the opportunity to view pollution control equipment and materials, their deployment and recovery methods. Site visits were also conducted to areas that had been environmentally-impacted, for a fuller appreciation of the need for environmental protection.

Attendance to this course was quite impressive and participation by attendees very highly commendable. In both the classroom lectures and field work, there was evident enthusiasm exhibited by participants, which reflected very positively in their assessments conducted in the form of written tests. [Please see as appendix originals of Attendance sheets and Test scores].

The course venue, GLD Training Centre Mosimi, was very conducive for learning and group interaction, we therefore recommend it for future programmes. I also wish to recommend the upgrade of the PPMC Training Centre, Mosimi [next door to GLD] to accommodate modern learning facilities and infrastructural repairs. This will require huge sums of funds and can be approached via treating it as a dedicated one-off project during budgetary consideration. This was the approach we used for the GLD upgrade in 2006.

The high point of this course was the field work which involved site visits and exposure of participants to environmental degradation occasioned by pipeline vandalism and incursions into pipelines ROW. Having demonstrated to the participants the various pollution control equipment and materials and their deployment, it was easy for them to understand how these can be used both on land and in riverine environments. This practical aspect is very essential in combating environmental degradation. Incidentally most of the participants were seeing these efforts for the very first time, yet they are involved in pollution control.

We therefore commend the Training department for proper selection of candidates and their appropriate curriculum for training needs assessment.

In the light of this, we do recommend our follow-up programme, a course entitled GUIDE TO ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: SPILLS AND WASTE MANAGEMENT IN THE PETROLEUM INDUSTRY. The target audience includes all those who have attended the FUNDAMENTALS and all other personnel who work in tank farms, pipelines ROW and other sites that are susceptible to spills and wastes. We at Jonakod are prepared to sit with you and work out the modalities to accomplish this.


We most sincerely thank you for this opportunity and can assure you that your training needs will always be given top priority by Jonakod Nig Ltd.

Sir JNK Odocha, fnape; fnmgs; ksc.
Jonakod Nig Ltd
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